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Quickbase is a no-code software that helps organizations see, connect, and control complex projects that reshape our world. Flexibly adapt our software as projects and conditions change. Eliminate boundaries between organizations, data sources, and systems Securely equip each team member with the data they need to succeed. Get started today.

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Business problem solvers and IT leaders, looking to unleash the problem-solving power of everyone in their business to innovate every day.

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Quickbase transformed our business

5,0 6 yıl önce

Yorumlar: My company is an energy efficiency contracting business with 20+ employees and $2.5M in annual revenue across residential and commercial business lines. Before we used Quickbase, we had used a combination of other software, and a proprietary software we built to manage our operations. Where these software fell short, Quickbase far exceeded. Simply put the ability create, extend, and change our application to meet our specific needs in a constantly changing environment is powerful. Our application has become our CRM, Project Management, and Operational tracking ad reporting software all built into one with a lot of automation and integration to boot!


Developing on Quickbase is incredibly easy. Most business operators with basic business software instincts can start building in Quickbase immediately, or they can choose an application on their exchange to start off with. Beyond the basics, where Quickbase really shines is how robust of a platform it is with incredible functionality including beautiful reporting, dynamic filtering, formula fields and form logic, integration ability, and more. There's always a new trick you can learn in Quickbase. In terms of usability, that's really all in the app your choose to use or build. It can be really clunky or sleek. All depends on your ability to build a usable app. The design of the interface is basic, but they're in the process of rolling out a new UI called Mercury that looks great.


Quickbase does not provide a ton of customer support. They rely on an incredible community of users and developers as well as approved Quickbase Solutions Providers (QSPs) that customers can contract with for help with building their applications. But if you're looking to go at it on your own, you will have to dig if you need help with something. As savvy of as Quickbase user I am, it took me three years before I even learned that I had an account manager at Quickbase.

ABD dahilindeki CSR
Muhasebe, 501-1.000 Çalışan
Yazılımın kullanım amacı: 2+ yıl
Değerlendirici Kaynağı

Quick Base is a solid way to visualize and share data with controls

4,0 2 yıl önce

Yorumlar: I have used Quick Base for a long time, and can get around easier than many of my colleagues. I view that as a mark against Quick Base, but overall it serves well as a place to store and visualize data for a distributed team.


Quick Base is a solid way to visualize and share data with controls. It serves well as a data repository and tool for displaying large data sets.


Not as intuitive as some of the competitors, sometimes it takes 2-3 menu clicks to get where you're going.

Meksika dahilindeki director de TI
Telekomünikasyon, 5.001-10.000 Çalışan
Yazılımın kullanım amacı: 6-12 ay
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Dikkate Alınan Alternatifler:

creando el futuro

5,0 2 hafta önce Yeni

Yorumlar: Mi trato con ella a sido interesante ya que con esta e aprendido a lograr las cosas de manera mas sencilla y practica como el hecho de poder crear con tan solo unos cuantos clics.


te permite crear aplicaciones de manera rapida y eficiente, gracias a esta se logra un seguimiento del inventario,la gestion de proyectos y los registros financieros etc.Me parece importante que cualquiera pueda utilizar Quickbase sin conocimientos previos.


Es un poco confuso como cambiar o ajustar una aplicacion.

Luis armando
Meksika dahilindeki Director operaciones
Yönetim Danışmanlığı, 2-10 Çalışan
Yazılımın kullanım amacı: 1-5 ay
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El.poder de la NUBE

3,0 4 hafta önce Yeni

Yorumlar: Positiva pero se puede mejorar haciendo mas facil y accesible la.solucion


Poder subir a la nube y almacenar proyectos clave y.toda.informacion comercial de tareas de grupos de trabajo interno


Procesos complicados para trabajar a distancia.con grupos.de trabajo

ABD dahilindeki Intake Specialist
Outsourcing/Offshoring, 10.000+ Çalışan
Yazılımın kullanım amacı: 2+ yıl
Değerlendirici Kaynağı

Quickbase for Manager Review

5,0 2 hafta önce Yeni

Yorumlar: It will integrate to salesforce and it is very great product to use for daily task as a sales manager.We have guides to follow and scale to rate and quickbase really help us see and determine the standing or status of every agent. I love it.It can integrate with other tools such as excel, salesforce and others that help with making work super easy for us managers.It also help business track commission and compensation of agents since we are at sales. This is really helpful. Thank you Quickbase


It is easy to complete and do my task, it has organize tabs and columns for me to use for my coaching logs and performance standing of my agents on a daily basis.I can access and control quickbase as ease and can also provide designated permission to people who can access certain tabs or tasks. It is well designed.


I didn't see any least in quickbase, as manager this is the product that we need in our program and it helps me a lot.

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